Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello, There!

Welcome to my blog, For Your Consideration. I've been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time, now. However, not until my English class (this year) had I even started the tedious project of doing so. I'm super stoked to be sharing my academic and social life with you! When first starting this blog/diary I was so overwhelmed with the theme and name; I almost said forget it! Nevertheless, this blog was I didn't exactly have a choice.

I'm a Tongan, don't-go-to-sleep-'til-it's-done student, dedicated, easily angered, confused, frustrated freshman. Everything I do revolves around my grades, my family, and my religion. I'm not a perfect person, or an optimistic one, at that. I don't really know how to use commas, or how to laugh at myself. Oh, my name! Where are my manners? My name is Alizah (a-lie-z-ah). Often people don't know how to pronounce my name. So, now you know. 

In my English class we are supposed to find 3 other blogs. Similar to ours, but do something well...that we want to incorporate in our own blogs. I have found 3 great, wonderful, unparalleled, unique, blogs. Each of them are different but hold something in common. Awesomeness! 

1st Blog:
I found a blog that is called French Fry Diary. Yes! It is about french fries! Why wouldn't you want to go read it? Anyways, I liked this blog and choose it as one of my top three because of the creativeness and innocence of it. I'm going to try and be creative with my blog, but I can't promise french fries for every entreĆ©, or entry.

2nd blog:
I adore  A Model Recommends. Yes, the blog is by a model...but that isn't why I choose it. I selected this one because of the practicality of it. Ruth Crilly (el author) offers beauty tips and has pictures of the events she attends. I want to have pictures on my blog as well, so let's hope I can maintain that goal. 

3rd blog:
Last, but not least is johnrfitz blog. This blog was so sweet and inspirational. At the top of the blog, it has a section called On Being Happy. The cheerful light brought happiness to the reader, and all of his posts are endearing and admirable. I'm going to try and incorporate the same light into my blog. 
Enough about me! What are 3 traits that you admire the most about someone or something? I'm thrilled about sharing this school year with you! What should I blog about next?

-For Your Consideration.

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  1. I like it :) No, I take that back. I love it! Your blog is very much you and I can just imagine you reading this to me in that highly sophisticated voice of yours. I truly love your blog. Happy blogging!