Sunday, December 15, 2013


Well look who it is. A reader. Yes, I'm talking to you. You, the one that makes me stay up at night thinking about what I should blog about. And you thought you didn't matter. How. Funny.

So, here I am slaving away at what might interest you. And the thought comes to me...why do I care? Because you care about your grades. Right. So I'm talking to Mom about how I don't know what to blog about. 

Alizah: I don't know what to blog about.

Mom: Can't you google it?

Okay, Mom didn't exactly say that. However, she suggested that I google blogging prompts. Which, I have done but none of them are cool enough for you, my dear hard-to-please reader.

So I google blogging prompts and here are some of the results:

One time I said sorry to a mannequin and then people just looked at me, but the mannequin was supposed to be a real person.

Sorry. Pardon me. I was jus-. You fooled me!

I have to turn in an assignment called Vital Vocab every week, but how am I supposed to remember that? I barley remember what I had for dinner last night!

I'm almost 50% sure I had spaghetti last night

If we are being honest, somebody already chose that I get the best of both worlds.

According to the previous question, yes.

I'm pretty sure your teeth have a taste.
I'm super tasty  - tooth

I know, that was your doughnut. But I ate it. Oh, is this supposed to be an apology? Because I'm not sorry.

Eat your vegetables!

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-For Your Consideration


  1. My most awkward conversation... probably one I had with my best friend about the smell of ice...

  2. hahahaha Alizah this post was just amazing.

  3. The moment I realized that I was a grownup was when I had to buy my own stuff.