Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh, what I would do if I had $10.00 to my name. I mean, I do. I just-it's in a bank account I'm not allowed to touch. As of now, January 30th...I have $4.36. Which isn't bad, I mean, that's almost five dollars. Almost.

See, what people don't know about me is that I'm a total tight wad. I don't spend money unless it's food or Christmas. Or food. Mainly food.

Difficult Choices

I feel bad for my friends because they want to do things that cost money, and I think that we should just watch old Disney movies and eat popcorn (that my parents bought).

So, I guess you're going to ask: "If you're such a saver, why do only have $4.36?". That's a great question friend, and I'll tell you. I spent my money at Subway. Yeah, the rip-off sandwich place. When I said a lot of tomatoes, I didn't mean two tomato slices! So what do they do? Pull out this stale piece of bread slap two tomato slices on it, and charge me $5.00 and tax for a piece of sadness.

I digress, where were we? Oh, what I would spend $10.00 on. The better part of me would invest in stocks. The worse part of me would convince me to go to Walmart. I love Walmart! The gum there is cheap and the Vitamin Water is usually cheap too. So it's a win win.
However, I only have $4.36-so I guess I'm stuck drinking tap water and chewing this gross spearmint flavored gum.

-For Your Consideration

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