Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sample Exam

Basically it's midterms, which in teacher means: make the students cry. In student, it means: no sleep for a week. I don't want to be one of those students, but these teachers are crazy!

You have 12 highlighter caps, if you take a test for 24 hours and eat ice cream at the same time, how many snowmen have buttons?

a) none of the above
b) 13
c) Pancakes
d) Alphabet
e) 14 Phones

Logically, you choose b, after all this is a math test, and b is the only number. Well, you were wrong, it was e...that happened to be invisible.

So, my dear reader, here is a sample exam of a math test I had to take.

1) Find the value of y.

a) y= 234
b) y= 123
c) a and b
d) snow globe

2)What color is Bob's toothbrush from Kentucky? (note: Bob is not from Kentucky)
a) Bob doesn't brush his teeth
b) Bob doesn't exist
c) Green
d) So Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

3) Judy likes to eat Mambas how much does she weigh?
a) Too much
b) Not enough
c) 180
d) 179.656576788

4) Graph the following.
      Y intercept is red. X intercept is orange

5) Cactus stew is gross, how much can be divided among 7 people?
a) Only if we reform the traffic lights
b) A bowl of stamps
c)You have a cow aroma
d) The Parachute Factory is open

If you answered or did not answer the questions your got an F.

-For Your Consideration

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  1. Your blog is so funny! I love reading it! Your pictures are great, and I love your sense of humor! :)