Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Wake Up

Is it me or is it just impossible to wake up? I'm not talking Christmas morning waking up, but monday-morning-math-final waking up. Well, lucky for you! I just figured out how to beat the system. And since I'm the blog you are now following (nod your head yes), I decided to share this fantastic secret with you.

Step 1: Denial
It's only real if you think it is. Rollover in your bed and ignore the clock that insists that it is 7:30. 
Me, with my hair in the morning

Step 2: Panic
So, maybe you're running 15 minites late. What's new? You can get ready fast. Wait, where is my backpack?
Throwing on an outfit

Step 3: Regret
Feel bad that you didn't make it on time. Promise yourself to go to bed early, so you can get up on time.

Step 4: Embarrassment
Walk into class, feel the disappointment. Attempt to cover your red face with your flimsy binder. 

Step 5: Fib
You wouldn't be late if the traffic was so bad. You wouldn't be late if class didn't start so early.

Step 6: Forget
Move onto the next issue, disregard your anxiety attack at the beginning of the day. 

Step 7: Repeat
Go back to step 1, sadly.

-For Your Consideration

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