Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 Things Not to Do When Driving

I'm no driver or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's called a car. Do I have a road rage? No, absolutely not.   Road rage is the result of when you put me in a car, and the uneducated driving public in another car. I mean, it's called decency red SUV, why don't you just go get some?

1. Don't Signal

Whatever you do, do not signal into what lane you are entering. This would mean that you give the car in that lane notice and we don't want that. Signaling just might kill you, so don't ever, ever signal.

2. Sit at Green Lights

Universally, green means stop. Green means stop and appreciate the beautiful shade of green that is. It means that if 12 cars are honking at you, they are proud of you stoping and appreciating the beautiful scenery.

3. Litter

Don't worry, everything that goes out your window either shatters my windshield or lies on the highway. This is good. Other drivers truly appreciate more obstacles in their way when they're late for work.

4. Passing

Never, ever let someone pass you. This means that they want to race you to the nonexistent finish line, and you're not a loser. Are you? (Tip: Whenever they go into a different lane, move into that lane also).


When driving it's always nice to ride the bumper of another car. This lets them know that you are right behind them. If you're in a really good mood give they're bumper a bump, it let's them know you like they're fantastic driving skills.

So, just remember to keep these great tips in mind, but this is, or course,

-For Your Consideration

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