Friday, March 14, 2014

Inside Jokes

My bad. Oops. Shame on Alizah, not posting until the last minute. Well, boo hoo. I have better things to do than write blogs for nonexistent readers. Anyways, while waiting for the last minute to approach I kept asking some of my friends (Grace not included) about what I should blog about. What did they say?

"Blog about how cool I am."
"Blog about me."
"Blog about how awesome I am."

One word: selfish.

So instead of writing about one friend, I decided to write about each of my friends, which isn't many.

Grace Mason:

Grace is one of the most smartest people in my school, not to mention one of the most talented. Grace can not only act, sing, but earn straight A's while she's at it. Mason has a fantastic sense of fashion and is very informed. She is an ambitious, artistic, amazing friend.

Emily Pearson:

Where to begin. My dear friend Emily is a very persistant, powerful, practical friend. Emily has a super and sarcastic sense of humor. Pearson has a competitive nature and she loves to play flute. Speaking of the flute, Emily can play. Emily would deny it if you asked her, but she's a great musician and a very encouraging friend.

Matthew Burns:

Matthew knows everything there is to know about Disney, and music. How many of you can say that one of your friends play 7 or more instruments? Matthew Burns is an expert on advice and always knows what to do. Not to mention he knows every word to every Disney song in the history of Disney

Avery Dunmire:

It's Avery! Avery is also one of the most smartest people that attend my school. Avery is the best drawer-er-er-er in the whole entire world, and she is exceptionally talented at soccer. She also plays piano because she's the best of the best. Avery is a very hilarious and she is always fun to be with.

Leah Brown

It's our little brownie! Except for the fact that she's a blondie...hmm. Anyways, Leah is a very funny, sweet, a teensy bit awkward friend. Super funny and smart, and cheerful and friendly and organized and encouraging. Leah can play the piano like a pro, in fact she is a piano pro.

Paige Billow:

Only because I had to put your name.

-For Your Consideration


  1. YOU DID IT OMG I didn't ask for you to, you said you'd blog about me. Liar.