Friday, March 21, 2014


There's going to school, and then there's dragging your sleep deprived body out of bed to go to school. Difference. What I've realized while I've pondered movies or television shows, is that what they portray in the show is completely idealistic.

For example, school doesn't start at 9:30am. It never ever ever ever will start at 9:30. That would mean that you get to see the sun before you are sentenced to a building with no windows. We would never want that.

What Time They Wake Up

What Time You Really Wake Up

Also, in movie high school, people eat breakfast. Here in the real world, we hope our morning breath isn't that bad.

What They Eat

What I Might Eat

Another thing, is that our lunch period is five minutes, not 3 three hours. We have enough time to get to the front of the line so the lunch ladies can say we're out of lunch.

What Happens In Movies

What Happens At School

In the real world, we have dances maybe maybe 3 times a year. Not every other weekend.

My School

 Fake High School

Freshman boys in fiction world: Biceps.

The Freshman boys in our high school do not have biceps or any height. But they do have pimples. Lot of them.

The Fake High School

My High School, sadly.

Oh, and not to mention the microscopic size of the hallways. Yeah, it doesn't work that way Hollywood.

Very small differences, but still, a difference. Think about it.

-For Your Consideration.

P.S Emily drew the hallway part and the creature that goes to our school.