Thursday, March 27, 2014

Self Control

As a strong, confident, young Tongan, teenage girl...I have absolutely no self control. I can't even get myself to practice piano until my mom is threatening to discontinue piano lessons. I mean, I know I should practice.....but why would I practice when there are chocolate cakes to be eaten?

I shouldn't be allowed to go to Costco. I mean just the smell of Costco and I'm already taking money out of my bank account. I have no self control there. Oh, is that a five-pack of spoons? Yep. I'm buying it. It that a package of men's socks? Okay, I'll get that too. What ends up happening is I'm in the area of a Costco...and somehow I end up at Costco buying 48 muffins, which I don't need.

Shopping for school. When it's autumn and I have that supply list..someone help Staples, because I am  going to town. I don't even need more pencils, but I guess I need the latest version of the mechanical pencils. And I need 12 of them.

Don't even get me started. I'll be doing homework, like the fantastic student I am and then BAM! Suddenly I'm on Pinterest and I can't stop scrolling.

Crosswalks. Who in the world just presses the button once? All I know, is that I can't press the crosswalk button once. I have to press it a million times to make sure it understands.

Radiostations. My favorite song will be on and I don't even know why, but I have to, I have no physical control but to turn to every other station to make sure that, this, my favorite song, is the best option.

Blog Stalking. I have to do it. I don't know why, but I just have to look at everybody's blog. I mean, I don't even comment. I just read the blog, like a creeper.

Sarcasm. It's my hamartia. If there's an opportunity to be sarcastic, I'm that one kid who's has to say it.

Rapping. I can't rap. Will that stop me from rapping/mumbling Eminem's lyrics? No.

-For Your Consideration


  1. I feel your pain and non self controllness on Pinterest scrolling and of course the seminary cross walk!