Friday, April 4, 2014


First off, I am not afraid of growing up. I would be more than happy to grow up, go to college, become a beneficial citizen, and do that grown-up thing. But, I, for one, know that I am not cut out to be an adult. Really though, I just can't do the things that grown-ups do.

I would forget to check the mail:

The other day, I forgot that I was making apple cider. So I left the tea kettle on the stove that could potentially burn up my house. No big deal.

I can't go to the store:

I know people love to shop and all...but I can't. The only store I would shop at is Costco...where I would impulsively buy everything. Which, isn't' a bad thing. We all like chocolate muffins, right?

Cooking, is a no go.

The best I'm ever going to get at cooking is pouring milk into a cereal bowl. Oh, and PB&J's. I'm a pro at those

Gardening is not for me

I don't know why, but every old person I know plants flowers or something. Or they have a million apple trees. I have an artificial poinsettia?

Petty Politics

Elephant and Donkey

Which probably are important I just don't watch them, because I am watching Cupcake Wars. I mean, it's a war...which is also important.


Most of the adults I know have a set bedtime. It's like 7 o'clock. On weekends.

Owning Tupperware

Yeah, I'll pass on this party.

-For Your Consideration

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  1. I agree with everything you just said. EVERYTHING. Especially Costco.