Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Things to do When Your Bored

If your anything like me, your bored. ALL THE TIME. And, no that isn't an invitation for more homework.  Plus, if you're reading my blog.  No doubt are you bored…I mean who reads this for fun    ? Not you.  I know, I'm just too gracious to give you ideas to fill your lonely Friday/Everyday evening. Shall we begin?

1. Catch Food with Your Mouth

By this, I mean small pieces of food…not some big fat watermelon. Try grapes, cereal, popcorn, or berries. I repeat. Do not try and catch a watermelon with your mouth.

2. Sing

Okay, don't pretend you don't sing to yourself when nobody is looking. I know you do, everyone does!  Try singing Bohemian Rhapsody….without the lyrics.


Just go around and start naming things like your refrigerator: Fred the Fridge. Tanya the Toilet. Chad the Chair. Patty the Printer.

4. Eat

I know, I know, you shouldn't. However, the real question we should ask ourselves is why shouldn't I eat my boredom? Actually, don't ask yourselves that…

5. Dress-Up

Most of the time we have to dress presentable to go to school, church, outside our house. So go to your closet and try on the most ugliest outfit you can.


Try as many accents as you can. Irish, British, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Trust me, it takes time to master a language.

7. Staring Contest

The best is when you have a staring contest with a complete stranger…usually you win. Or when you have a staring contest with yourself via a mirror…it's very hard to tell who won.

8. Wine Glasses

Pretend you actually have musical talent and start playing music with 1/2 filled wine glassed. Bonus points if you use orange juice or hot chocolate instead of water.

9. Hair

Do your hair with lots and lots of bows. High five for those who can braid your leg hair! Just kidding, thats gross.

10. Create a Salad Bowl Hat

I'm not really sure how one does that, all I know is that lots and lots of fruit is required and a hat for the fruit to be put on. Try some of these things out and comment below, but this is or course

-For Your Consideration

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