Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Things Old People Can't Do

For some odd reason, with age comes more responsibilities...but less opportunities. I mean, suddenly you can't order on the kid's menu when your 14. So here's a list of things older people can't do... because it's "socially" unacceptable.

1. You can't go in the Bouncy House


2. You can't go trick or treating

3. You can't walk around in your underwear in public

4.Your home-made card isn't what it once was.


5.You can't slide down the slide

However, old age is up to your digression. So, if you please...go down the slide, make homemade cards and hand them out as if they were tickets into the bouncy castle. Wear what you please in public especially when you go trick o treating. Because, after all this is...

-For Your Consideration

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