Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Basketball vs. Chocolate

Don't get me wrong, I love basketball. If basketball was food or something, I would own that. However, basketball is not food...but a sport. A very difficult sport.
 So I tried out for basketball, and  I can't feel my thighs, or arms, or shins, or feet. I can't laugh without coughing. My feet have blisters from my shoes. My arms are threatening to fall off. No, absolutely not, I'm not saying basketball is something that drains your will to live.
What I came to Practice With
Will to Live on right, Duffel Bag on left

What I Left Practice With

Once again, I LOVE basketball. It just seems like basketball hates me. But hey, what's new? So, I've come to terms with basketball and we've decided that we have a hate-love relationship. Or is it love-hate relationship

So, I thought about this, and this is what I thought:

-I'm out of shape
-I had too much for lunch
-I really want some chocolate.

However, I knew that having chocolate tonight would hurt way too much tomorrow. So here I am chocolate deprived, writing this post.

Me, looking worriedly into the distance...for chocolate.

So yeah, maybe chocolate is my thing. Maybe I'm too distracted to write this...but it' doesn't matter. I have basketball tomorrow, and I need to mentally and physically prepare for what unknown dangers are coming for me. However, my problems are, of course

-For Your Consideration

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  1. Alizah! Your blog is so much fun to read! I love your doodles and your writing is absolutely hilarious. I like how you said that if basketball was food you would own it! That literally made me crack up and I can totally relate. Keep up your blogging! It's superb! :)

    - Jaki